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At ConnectPlex, we prioritize the privacy of your data. In accordance with data privacy or protection regulations such as the GDPR or CCPA, you possess specific privacy rights. To exercise these rights, please refer to the instructions provided below.

Privacy at ConnectPlex

To gain insights into our privacy practices and terms of use, please refer to the following links:

Privacy Policy Terms of Use

ConnectPlex GDPR Privacy Policy

Ensure GDPR compliance from the foundational data layer upwards, eliminating the need to introduce complexity to your existing architecture. ConnectPlex offers a secure and governed solution to store personal information within the EU, providing enhanced security measures.

ConnectPlex AI Policy Guidelines

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ConnectPlex AI Policy

Personal Information Request

To learn about the information that ConnectPlex has of your profile, please refer to the following links:

Request to access information

Opt Out of ConnectPlex

If you would like to opt out of ConnectPlex, please use the link below. To prevent any inadvertent reactivation of your profile in the future, we will maintain your information on a "suppression" list.

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