AI-powered lead generation tool
for seamless prospect leads.

Effortless Lead Generation

ConnectPlex helps organisations address a critical business objective: Consistently & seamlessly generating new, genuine, interested leads on scale to foster business growth with minimal effort.

Accurate AI Strategies

ConnectPlex combines precise data and AI-driven techniques for an efficient, scalable go-to-market strategy, ensuring users receive a constant flow of warm leads from interested buyers.

Autonomous Prospecting

ConnectPlex's dedicated lead generation team effortlessly generates extensive automated leads, and consistently delivers results year after year, all without the need for supervision.


Exceptional Data

140M+ highly accurate, repeatedly verified and globally compliant data.

Global Search

Search multiple filters such as designation, revenue, keyword, technology and intent.

End to End Ownership

Delivers results by generating warm leads from scratch. With no external dependencies.

Easy Setup

Extremely easy to setup. And with 'Quick Start', entire setup takes less than 30 minutes.

Completely Automated

Works by itself to get results. Consistently. Without supervision.

Uncompromising Security

GDPR Complaint. CCPA Compliant. SOC2 Certified. ISO 27001 Certified.

Best of AI

Natural language AI bots for lead generation, conversion, support and more.

Multiple Functions

Besides sales, also used for marketing, hiring, raising investments etc.

World Class Support

Exceptional support team focussed on quick responses and client success.

Best way to get your dream customers.

Use to find your ideal prospects, reach out to them, and convert them into customers. The top sales teams use to locate accurate B2B contact and company details, shorten their sales discovery and start getting warm leads quickly.