Technology Partners

Expand your clientele and extend your outreach

Become a ConnectPlex technology partner to spread the word about your platform to our clients and provide them with access to top-notch data and sales workflows.

Why join as a technology partner?

As ConnectPlex technology partners, IT firms that provide solutions that work well with our platform can boost brand recognition while providing exceptional value to their customers.


Improve your response

To give your customers a completely enriched offering, fuel your platform with ConnectPlex data. You can see ConnectPlex data directly in your product thanks to our API features.


Product integrations

To increase product usability for both client groups, tech partners have the option (where appropriate) to integrate their solution with the ConnectPlex platform.


Extend your horizons

Co-marketing opportunities and other marketing campaigns increase the network visibility of your business.

Become a ConnectPlex Technology Partner

Technology Partner Program Details

Technology partners receive special benefits for both themselves and their clients.

  • Dedicated Assistance: To manage any co-marketing opportunities with ConnectPlex and ensure a successful collaboration, you will have access to a dedicated partner manager. Everything you need to maintain the collaboration working successfully will be provided by our partnerships team.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: By utilizing ConnectPlex, you can empower your customers to advance their businesses. Whether you choose to integrate with ConnectPlex, leverage our data to enhance your platform, or promote ConnectPlex to your customer base, your clients will enjoy convenient access to our extensive B2B database and automated sales workflows. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate introducing our customers to your distinctive technological offerings.