At the core of ConnectPlex, the search function swiftly provides the information you require. It supports advanced queries, Boolean operators, and filters to refine results. Optimize by using keywords, tags, and filters for precise data retrieval.

Global Search

The Global Search feature extends your search capabilities across the entire ConnectPlex platform. It enables you to search for contacts, accounts, emails, and other related data from a single search bar. The results are grouped by category, making it easy to locate information without navigating through different sections of the portal. Step-by-Step Guide for Global Search

Saved Searches

Saved Searches allow you to store and access frequently used search queries. By saving your searches, you can quickly retrieve specific sets of data without recreating the search criteria each time. This feature is especially useful for maintaining consistency in your research or monitoring efforts. Step-by-Step Guide for Saved Search

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Finding and Saving Your Target Audience with Global Search : A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log In

Start by logging into your account on our platform using your credentials.

Step 2: Access Global Search

Once you're logged in, you'll be directed to your dashboard. To find your target market, use the 'Global Search' feature under LeadBot.

Step 3: Enter Search Criteria

In the 'Global Search' section, enter the specific criteria to narrow down your target audience. Use the following parameters to refine your search:

  • First Name: Enter the first name of the individuals you're looking for (e.g., John).
  • Last Name: Enter the last name of the individuals you're targeting (e.g., Smith).
  • Company: Specify the company name (e.g., Microsoft).
  • Designation: Enter the job title or designation if known.
  • Country/Continent: Select the desired geographic location.
  • City/State: Specify the city or state if relevant.
  • Company Size: Choose the company size range that matches your target audience.
  • Company Revenue: Select the appropriate revenue range for your target companies.
  • Industry: You can either enter a specific industry or select from related industries.

NOTE Minimize the number of parameters you use in your search to broaden your reach and connect with a larger audience. These parameters may cover demographics, location, interests, and more.

Step 4: Advance Search

Our platform offers an advanced search feature that allows you to precisely tailor your search criteria for finding the right contacts or leads. In addition to standard search options, you have the ability to refine your search results based on the confidence level of available email addresses.

Email Status Levels

  • Very High Confidence: This category includes email addresses that are highly likely to be accurate and up-to-date. It is recommended for reaching out to your target audience with a high degree of confidence.
  • High Confidence: Email addresses in this category are considered reliable, though there might be a slightly lower level of certainty compared to "Very High Confidence" addresses. It's still a good choice for outreach.
  • Low Confidence: The "Low Confidence" category indicates email addresses that may have a higher degree of uncertainty or may not be as reliable. Exercise caution when using these addresses, and consider verifying them if possible.
  • Email not available: In cases where an email address is not available or not provided, it falls under this category. You may need to explore alternative means of contact, such as using other available contact information or reaching out through different channels.

Step 5: Conduct the Search

Click the 'Search' button to initiate the search based on your specified criteria.

Step 6: Review Search Results

The search results will be displayed on the screen, showing individuals and companies that match your criteria. Carefully review the search results and select the individuals or groups that best represent your target market. You can do this by checking boxes next to their profiles or listings.

Step 7: Shortlist Your Target Audience

Carefully review the search results and select the individuals or companies that best represent your target market. You can do this by checking boxes next to their profiles or listings.

Step 8: Save Your Search

To save this search for future use, click on the 'Save this Search' option, typically located near the search bar or within the search results page.

Step 9: Name Your Search

A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to give your saved search a name. Enter a descriptive and easily recognizable name for your reference, such as "Summer Campaign Prospects."

Step 10: Confirm and Save

After naming your search, click the 'Save' or 'Confirm' button to save it to your account. This ensures that you can easily access and reuse this search in the future without needing to re-enter all your criteria.

Congratulations! You have successfully searched for and shortlisted your target market using the 'Global Search' feature and “Saved Search” for your convenience. You can now proceed to email out to your selected audience based on the results of your search.

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Quick Start

  • Efficient Setup: Quick Start streamlines the lead generation process with a user-friendly interface.
  • Customization: Tailor your lead generation campaign with personalized sender information and company details.
  • Email Configuration: Easily specify the email address where you want to receive leads.
  • Company Description: Present your company, products, and services with a concise paragraph for better lead engagement.

Video Demo - Quick Start Features

How to Create a Quick Start

  • Sender's name: Enter the sender's name, e.g., "Anna."
  • Sender's company name: Provide the sender's company name.
  • Email address to receive leads: Input the designated email address for lead delivery.
  • Company/ Products/ Services description: Compose a brief 2-3 line paragraph describing your company's products, services, and solutions to captivate potential leads.
  • Preview Mail: Quick Start creates a precise and efficient automated warm lead email draft using the provided company information.
  • Start: Review and confirm your Quick Start sequences for commencing your lead generation campaign.

Add All Contacts to My List

Creating the "Add All Contacts to My List" feature involves consolidating the data you've gathered about your target audience in one central location for future use. This Add All Contacts to My List allows you to efficiently run automated sequences without the need for repeated searches. Additionally, you have the flexibility to expand your list by adding more contacts as necessary.

For example: You have conducted a search for a database of marketing managers and created a new list for them, you can easily supplement this list with other managerial roles, such as sales or development managers, by conducting a search and adding them to your existing marketing manager list.

There are two choices available: "Select List" and "New List."

  • Select List: Under "Select List," you can incorporate contacts into an existing list by choosing it from the drop-down menu after the search.
  • New List: When opting for "New List," you can generate a fresh list by assigning a reference name to it or according to the target audience / location / & industry.

Create sequence with all contacts

By setting up a "sequence" involving all your contacts, you have the ability to dispatch a succession of emails to a designated list of recipients within your email marketing campaign. This series of emails follows a specific order, frequently adhering to a predetermined schedule, and serves the purpose of attaining specific marketing or communication goals. These email sequences are instrumental in delivering a chain of well-timed, pertinent, and purpose-driven emails, catering to diverse objectives, whether it be nurturing leads or promoting products. Email sequences enable automation, personalization, and data-driven optimization, making them an essential tool for effective and efficient email marketing.

How to create sequence with all contacts

  • Select Email Identity: Managing email identities is crucial for maintaining a professional and consistent presence in your recipients' inboxes. With our Email Identity Manager, you can easily choose the email identity you want to send your campaign from. This ensures that your recipients recognize and trust the source of your emails.
  • Select Sequence Template: Having the right email templates at your disposal can save you time and help you create engaging content. Our Sequence Template Manager allows you to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create your own. This way, you can maintain a consistent brand image and message throughout your campaign.
  • Select Schedule: Timing is key in email marketing. With our Schedule Manager, you can precisely time when your emails will be sent. You can plan your campaigns to coincide with peak engagement times, ensuring your emails have the greatest impact.
  • Exclude Contacts or Companies Emailed (Optional): If you want to avoid bombarding your recipients with too many emails in a short period, our platform allows you to exclude contacts or companies that you've recently contacted. This feature helps you maintain a healthy sender reputation and reduces the risk of unsubscribes.
  • Include ChatBot Link from the List (Optional): Engage your audience in real-time by including a ChatBot link in your emails. This optional feature enables you to provide immediate responses and capture leads more effectively.
  • Reference Name for This Campaign: Organizing your campaigns is crucial for tracking their performance and effectiveness. When you set a reference name for your campaign, you make it easier to identify and compare results across different email sequences.
  • Send Test Mail: Before you launch your campaign, it's always a good practice to send a test email to yourself or a colleague. This ensures that everything looks and works as expected. Make sure to thoroughly review your test email before starting your campaign.