Ecosystem Partners for Startups

Provide exclusive discounts and go-to-market resources to your startup ecosystem

Increase the profitability of your startup program and empower emerging companies with improved B2B data and streamlined go-to-market workflows.

Why join as a partner in the startup ecosystem?

ConnectPlex offers exceptional perks and go-to-market benefits exclusively tailored for accelerators, investors, and startup communities in a rewarding partnership.


Assist in startup growth

Enable new businesses to quickly and effortlessly enter the market with ConnectPlex's sales solutions and educational sessions on business expansion.


Provide exclusive benefits

Enhance the value of your program offering by including ConnectPlex discounts as part of your perks and rewards.


Elevate brand visibility

Increase the exposure and reputation of your brand by becoming an established ConnectPlex partner, which offers co-marketing opportunities and valuable resources.

Become a ConnectPlex Startup Partner

Startup Ecosystem Partnership Details

Accelerate your startup's market entry with our comprehensive resources and tools.

  • Fast-track your market entry: The ConnectPlex platform empowers startups to swiftly identify the right target audience, establish connections with key contacts, and intelligently progress deals, all with the goal of expedited market entry. As a partner, you can grant startups discounted access to ConnectPlex's extensive B2B database and workflow automation. Additionally, our partnership includes educational sessions designed to equip startups with customer acquisition strategies and efficient business scaling techniques.
  • Exclusive support: Benefit from a dedicated partner manager who will guarantee the success of our partnership and oversee any co-marketing ventures with ConnectPlex. Our partnerships team will provide all the necessary tools and support to maintain a seamless and productive partnership.