ConnectPlex provides multiple function and industry specific solutions for clients based on their unique needs.

  • Marketing: ConnectPlex is used by marketing teams to identify target markets by replicating your most valuable customers. It is also used to launch targeted marketing campaigns triggered by buyer intent signals through our advanced keyword search. Additionally, marketing teams leverage our AI-based chatbots to convert site visitors into valuable customers.
  • Hiring and HR Operations: Talent acquisition teams use ConnectPlex to reach out to potential candidates sourced from our extensive global database. Our AI-powered chatbot facilitates candidate screening, engaging with candidates and answering their queries, and advancing interested individuals. Additionally, HR teams utilize ConnectPlex bots to efficiently address general employee queries pertaining to company processes and policies.
  • Fund Raising: ConnectPlex is extensively used to raise investments by reaching out and engaging with potential investor groups. This includes institutional investors, PE firms, VC firms, family offices, private investment groups, angel groups, HNIs etc based on specific geographical regions and areas of interest.
  • Others: Our clients use ConnectPlex successfully for several work areas based on their individual needs. This includes NGOs raising funds for donations using the ConnectPlex database and sequences, educational institutes using the ConnectPlex bots to address student queries and software vendors using ConnectPlex to search and engage with resellers.


At ConnectPlex, we can provide the following additional services for our enterprise clients which are provided in addition to the platform. This is catered to addressing their specific requirements and preferences.

  • Integration and Customization: Our technology team works with enterprise clients for extensive product customization based on their corporate requirements. These could include integration of the ConnectPlex data and leads into the client CRM system, login to the ConnectPlex platform by the client sales team using SSO (single sign on), differential user profile access and permissions, advanced API level access to our data and an onboarding and implementation program for clients.
  • Pay Per Lead: ConnectPlex provides the pay per lead service for enterprise clients to provide them with leads based on their target audience and product / service / solution. Such leads would be generated by our inhouse sales teams using the ConnectPlex platform based on discussions with our clients on their requirements.
  • Human Sales and Support Team: In addition to our AI bots, we can also provide full time human sales and support teams on a long term basis that act as an extension of our client's inhouse teams. Our teams work as per our client's preferred time zone and as per our client's inhouse policies and processes. Our support teams can help our clients use the ConnectPlex platform in the most effective manner for their inhouse needs. And our sales resources can also help our clients close end to end deals of their clients, with support from our client's inhouse teams.