Welcome to ConnectPlex ChatBot, your gateway to efficient and personalized automated interactions. Our comprehensive suite of ready-to-use bots and robust features empowers our clients to elevate customer engagement and streamline operations.

Read more about our ready to use product bots on this page. To know about our 'Custom' ChatBots built exactly as per your processes and requirements, please visit the 'Services and Solutions' page.

Discover the future of conversational AI with ConnectPlex ChatBot.

Ready To Use Bots

  • Sales Bot: Simplify customer engagement by effortlessly providing essential company information through user-friendly text fields. Our Sales Bots are meticulously designed to offer users valuable insights into your business while seamlessly gathering their contact details. This ensures smooth and meaningful conversations with your existing sales teams.
  • Support Bot: Our advanced customer support bots have the capacity to access a vast repository of information encompassing more than 40 pages of content related to your company. This includes details about your products, services, and solutions. These bots are skilled at engaging with your users, efficiently responding to their queries based on this wealth of information.
  • Recruitment Bot: Transform your hiring process with ConnectPlex Recruitment Bots. These bots conduct initial job candidate interviews, focusing on key skills and job descriptions. They efficiently administer Personal Information rounds and conduct technical assessments, featuring 10 objective and 2-3 subjective questions tailored to the job's specific requirements. Additionally, our bots provide in-depth candidate analysis and recommend further interview rounds for shortlisted applicants.

Bot Features

  • Create Your Own 'Agents': You can create and personalize ConnectPlex ChatBots (also called as 'Agents') by customizing their name, crafting a friendly greeting, and even assigning a unique voice if desired. Additionally, it's important to furnish them with essential company details, including your company's name, the products/services/solutions you offer, contact information, and any other pertinent information you deem necessary. Think of this process as onboarding a new employee into your company, where they get acquainted with your corporate identity.
  • Effortless Code Import: If you or your company have received pre-made code from ConnectPlex, you can easily bring your ready-made bot into your account by using the provided code.
  • Importing Content from a Web Page: You can supply ConnectPlex bots with your company's details effortlessly by sharing the URL of your current information page on your website. Our bots will automatically retrieve and absorb information from that page, making it easy for them to learn about your company.

Interacting with Bots

  • ConnectPlex Website: Access our exceptional bots through a dedicated link on the ConnectPlex website itself, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Seamless Website Integration: Seamlessly embed the bot onto your website, empowering your website visitors to engage directly with your bot, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Foster user interactions by seamlessly connecting your bot with WhatsApp, a popular and convenient communication platform.
  • Phone Call Capabilities: Enable your users to have direct conversations with your bot via phone calls, offering a versatile and dynamic communication channel.

Customizing Bot Voices

  • Preset Voices: Choose from a curated selection of preset male or female voices, tailored to different nationalities, to personalize your bot's voice to match your brand's persona.
  • Voice Library Diversity: Dive into a diverse range of voices based on factors such as age, mood, gender, and nationality, ensuring your bot's voice perfectly aligns with your brand's personality.
  • Famous Voices Selection: Elevate your bot's charm and appeal by selecting voices from renowned personalities like Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, and Tom Cruise.
  • Customized Voices: Infuse your bot with a unique identity by providing it with a custom voice that resonates with your brand's distinct character.