ConnectPlex Operations ChatBot is a versatile assistant designed to streamline administrative tasks efficiently. From managing stationery requests and booking conference rooms to handling travel arrangements and facilitating maintenance updates, our Operations Bot simplifies these workflows, optimizing operational efficiency throughout your organization. Explore how it can also assist with scheduling appointments, managing inventory, and coordinating facility services to further enhance productivity and streamline operations seamlessly.

Please note that these are basic, sample demos to showcase different corporate functions. Our client bots can be built as per our enterprise client's existing processes. And they can integrate with our client’s existing I.T. systems. They are also accessible across multiple channels and have ready integrations with multiple software products.

Admin Bot Features

  • Validates the user as an employee of the company.
  • Takes requests for providing stationary.
  • Used to book conference rooms.
  • Used for travel bookings.
  • Can be updated for any maintenance required.

Demo chatbot

Demo Product

  • For this demo, we will use a bot that helps employees at ABC Services for their admin related activities. The admin bot will first validate the employee and then help them with their admin related tasks.
  • To use this demo, please put your employee ID as “7777777”, and when asked for the OTP, please use “1234567”. This is the employee ID of a fictitious employee called ‘John’ at ABC Services.
  • Once an employee is validated, the admin bot can help John with the following admin related tasks:

    • Taking a request for providing office stationary - pens and notebook.
    • Booking a cab / flight for office work.
    • Booking a conference room for a specific date and time slot. It will book conference room M1 if the number of attendees is likely to be between 20 to 40. And it will book conference room M2 if the number of attendees is likely to be less than 20. If the number of attendees is more than 40, it will say that no conference room of that size is available.
    • Taking a request for any repairs required near your work area.
    • Updating the HR department for any HR related request, and the IT department for any IT related request.

Sample questions to ask the demo chatbot

    • I’ld like some pens pls
    • Conference room book karna haan for our group meeting
    • 来週の火曜日に東京オフィスから SFO オフィスに行き、1 週間後に帰国する予定です。飛行機の予約を手伝ってもらえますか?