ConnectPlex Finance ChatBot is your intelligent assistant for streamlined financial management. This bot enhances efficiency in finance and accounting processes by enabling employees to submit expense reports directly through its interface, routing them to appropriate managers for approval, and providing real-time updates on their status and reimbursement processing. It automates invoice processing by extracting and validating data, flagging discrepancies, and initiating payments. Additionally, the Finance ChatBot aggregates financial data, generates reports such as balance sheets and income statements, and calculates taxes automatically.

Please note that these are basic, sample demos to showcase different corporate functions. Our client bots can be built as per our enterprise client's existing processes. And they can integrate with our client’s existing I.T. systems. They are also accessible across multiple channels and have ready integrations with multiple software products.

Billing Bot Features

  • Can update on outstanding amount, overdue amount for specific clients.
  • Can pull information based on real time updates which are reflected in a Google sheet.

Demo chatbot

Demo Product

  • For the demo, we will use a fictional company “ABC Construction Solutions”. The following information about this company is provided to this demo chatbot.
  • ABC Construction Solutions offers comprehensive contracting services, from initial design and planning to final construction and post-project maintenance. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and ability to handle complex, large-scale infrastructure projects, including bridges, highways, and industrial facilities.
  • For this demo, we will assume the current date is 26 June 2024. The list of outstanding and overdue payments of ABC Construction Solutions is available in this sheet - View Outstanding Document.

In this demo, the chatbot will only be able to answer the following questions:

  • Total amount outstanding or overdue for a specific client for a specific project.
  • Total amount outstanding or overdue for a specific client.
  • Total amount outstanding or overdue for a specific ABC Sales POC.